General terms and sales conditions
Version 1.2.3 | Last update 2 september 2020

Article 1: What do we stand for?
– Customer is King
– Service is very important to us
-Problems we solve together

Article 2: Who are we?
Red Rum Companies BV t/a
Noorddammerweg 13-J
1424NV de Kwakel (NH) | NL
Tel: +31 (0)20-3373117

Article 3: Right of
Have you received the product and are you not happy about it? Please report this to us as soon as possible but at least within 14 days of receipt. We will send you instructions so that you can return the product free of charge. You will then have 7 days to return the product. Once we have received the products in full or partially in good order we will refund the corresponding amount. Here we take a maximum of 7 days (in practice a maximum of 2 working days). If you have not paid shipping costs on the order – for example, because the amount to be paid is higher or equal to the amount set to be eligible for free shipping (this amount may vary by country) – and if you want to cancel part of the order , so that the original order amount is below the amount for free shipping then we will charge the original shipping costs that you should have paid and we deduct this amount from the cost you paid for the cancelled products. We appreciate it if you give a reason of return. We can use this to improve our offer and service in the future. Returning your order to us can be done at no cost – there are exceptions. After we receive a message from you, you will receive instructions for this and a shipping label so that you do not have to pay shipping costs.

There are products you can’t send back. If this is the case, it is always notified to you before payment of the order. This is usually the case with consumables whose packaging has been opened. If you have ordered several quantities of the same product, we expect you to only remove 1 piece from the packaging if necessary and assess whether it meets your expectations, for example to assess the color and/or size. The free return is made possible by the fact that you are handing the package to a carrier’s service point. Which can be for example. PostNL, DHL, DPD or any other carrier. The choice of carrier is ours. Don’t you have the possibility to deliver the package at a service point for any reason? Then the “free” return right is void. When sending the order, the sender ( is responsible for missing and/or damage(s). When returning the order, the sender (Customer) is again responsible for missing and/or damage(s). The cost of returning via a service point on our instructions is for our account.

If you return products to us, make sure that the products are properly packaged, protected and cannot move inside the packaging. Also, make sure that only the new barcode on the return label and address details of are visible. Other visible addresses and/or barcodes must be removed.

Article 4:
Everyone makes a mistake sometimes, and since we also have people working, we may also make a mistake. For example, we may mention a wrong price for a product or offer. For example, a valuable item for €0.89 when it should have been €89.00. Since it is clear that this is a (press and/or type) error, we are not obliged to deliver the item for €0.89. Should something like this happen, we will solve it in a customer-friendly manner. In that case, for example, you can expect a discount coupon.

Article 5:
We do our best to bring the terms and conditions to your attention. This is because it says what we do for you and what you can expect from us. These terms are important if you are going to buy or bought something from us. We may have separate conditions with a particular product or service. This is always clearly stated upfront so that you do not face any surprises.

Article 6:
With us you do business online in a safe environment. All payments you make are encrypted and secure. So you’re not at risk of losing your money. And if something does go wrong, we will pay for the damage, promised! If you have placed an order, you will receive a confirmation by e-mail. So make sure that the e-mail address you provided is correct.

An invoice for your order will be automatically emailed after the order has been packed and notified to the transporter to be picked up from us and delivered to you.

Article 7:
Legal guarantee
All items you buy from us have a legal guarantee. This means that an item must be in good condition upon delivery and function properly in normal use for at least the economic life of the item – one product lasts longer than the other. You paid for a good product so you’re entitled to that, too. Is there something wrong ? Please contact us and we will work it out for you. The invoice for your order is also the proof of warranty of the items that have been ordered.

If you want to know more about warranty conditions, please visit the ConsuWijzer website, where you can read what your rights are as a consumer. ConsuWijzer is the government’s consumer information desk.

Article 8:
Complaints scheme
Do you have a complaint? We will do everything we can to resolve your complaint. Send an email to and we will help you as soon as possible.

If we can’t resolve your complaint within 2 days, we’ll let you know how much time we need to resolve it.

In case of complaints that cannot be resolved by mutual agreement, you must turn to stichting WebwinkelKeur, who will mediate free of charge. If a solution is not yet reached, you have the possibility to have your complaint dealt with by the independent dispute resolution committee appointed by stichting WebwinkelKeur, the ruling is binding and both entrepreneur and consumer agree to this binding ruling. The submission of a dispute to this disputes committee is subject to costs which must be paid by the consumer to the relevant committee. It is also possible to register complaints via the European ODR platform.

Article 9: Payment
and dispatch
After we have received an order and payment, we will send you a confirmation from our side with an overview. This also creates the purchase agreement and these terms and conditions of sale are in force. We will make your order as soon as possible and send it to the specified address.

So always check the order and shipping details in the confirmation (you can also see it on your account at if you have created it) and contact us as soon as possible if something is not in place.

If you get an error message in the payment process, please contact us and we will see how we can solve this.

Article 10:
If your order is collected and packed, the parcel will be notified to a carrier to be delivered. Normally orders are transferred to the carrier within 1 to 2 business days. Delivery lasts on average – depending on each country – also 1 to 2 business days. Via the email you will be kept informed of the delivery status and the delivery period specified by the carrier. If you are not at home during a delivery attempt, the package can be delivered to the neighbors or to a service point of the carrier near you. You will receive a note / notification of this in the mailbox. If you have not received your package on time, please check the delivery status online via the link to the carrier in the message you will receive from us when we send your order.

Article 11:
So, these were our terms and conditions. Much better than usual, we think. If we change anything in the future to these terms and conditions, we will also change that on the site and this page. One thing is certain: If we change something, it will not be disadvantageous to our customers.

Closing arguments
The above general terms and sales conditions apply to all our sales and deliveries. is a trade name of Red Rum Companies BV | KVK 58015213 | IBAN NL35ABNA0401002101 |

Noorddammerweg 13-J | 1424NV de Kwakel | NH | Netherlands